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Let A Pressure Washing Professional Clean Your Home Or Business

A garden hose does not have the strong water flow needed to clean a dirty driveway. The best way to do the job is with a pressure washer. In the past, people used steam cleaners and sand blasters to clean grimy surfaces. Unfortunately, these machines often exploded and people nearby might get hit with steam or sand. Eventually, the pressure washer was created to do heavy-duty jobs. Pressure washing uses water flow and air pressure to clean. Air pressure is measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI. The higher the PSI, the more powerful the pressure washer. Water is mixed with several different cleaners to remove dirt. Further, there is no limit to the jobs a pressure washer can do.

Indeed, Pressure Washing the driveway and sidewalk has amazing results. Algae accumulates on concrete and makes it look black. Pressure Washing cleans the area and the homeowner gets great curb appeal. Cleaning the gutters is a major job around the home or office. Gutters cannot functions if they are full of leaves and other debris. Gutter cleaning almost always requires a ladder so let the professionals do the job. A pressure washer sends a strong surge of water through the gutters so water flows. When it rains, gutters route runoff from the roof to an area where it drains away from the house. This protects the foundation, windows and doors.

Power Washing is a handy way to clean the deck. Decks accumulate a layer of mold and mildew, as well as algae, over the years. Some people may have a layer of grease if they grill on the decks. Technicians use a fan tip on the power washer. Fan tip size is measured in degrees, forty to sixty degrees are the norm for deck cleaning. The pressure should be about 600 psi and can be increased as needed. It is important to clean without damaging or etching the wood. Technicians use the hose a couple of feet from the deck surface and clean using a sweeping motion. The cleaning is generally done from the house outwards.

Pressure cleaning the outside of a home should be done every twelve to eighteen months. The house may look fine but mold and mildew tends to build up on paint and siding. The most important thing before Pressure Washing is to protect the inside of the house. The windows and doors should be closed. Further, patio furniture and other small items, should be removed while the washing is ongoing. The technician may turn off the power so there is no problem with electrical elements. Experts begin House Washing with the machine set at low pressure and a wide fan nozzle is used. Generally, washing starts at the top of a wall. Dirt should move down surfaces and not back into areas that have already been cleaned. If the house has siding, the technician starts with the nozzle a foot away. They will move closer if the job requires lower pressure. Some experts say it is not necessary to use a chemical cleaner with water when Pressure Cleaning. In any event, cleaning solutions should be environmentally friendly with a neutral pH. Do not use solutions that could damage the house or nearby foliage.

There are many commercial uses for pressure washers as well, including:

  • cleaning drive-thru’s and parking lots
  • cleaning storefronts
  • cleaning multi-story buildings
  • window washing

In fact, most commercial businesses use pressure washing services. Fast food restaurants need pressure washers to remove dirt and food from the drive-thru area, as well as keeping the building clean.Diners want to eat in a clean, well-maintained establishment. Gas stations also need professional services. Indeed, everything must be cleaned including concrete, awnings, pumps and car wash facilities. Shopping centers need to have exterior areas cleaned on a regular basis. Technicians clean all concrete areas including pathways, entrances, stairwells, stairs and concrete walls. Experts know how to remove stains from concrete and other surfaces including oil and grease, rust, paint and graffiti. Parking lots are another key area to be cleaned. It takes a pressure washer to remove oil and grease and tire marks. Pressure washers make it easier to clean a variety of areas, around the house and commercial. It is definitely one of the best ways to clean many surfaces.

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3 reviews for Cement & Brick Surface Cleaning

    5 out of 5


    Garrett cleaned all the windows in my home that hadn’t been cleaned since I moved in 8 years ago. He also treated one of my roof sides for moss and treated my driveway and back brick patio for moss. The window cleaning included him cleaning all the window railings and screens.

    Garrett called before arriving to confirm his appointment. He arrived right on time and got to work and worked straight through from 10:00 a.m. until 3:30. He was careful with all of my belongings and through all my nagging to watch out for the cat, floors, etc. I own a bed and breakfast and have lots of crafts and art, but he was really careful throughout the whole process. friendly and accommodating.

    Client since 2011
    Found us on Angie’s List
    Kenosha, WI

  2. Scott Richmond
    5 out of 5


    Garrett cleaned the outsides of our windows, all 26 or so plus several inside, and pressure cleaned our metal roof.

    He did his usual thorough job. He has done these jobs before for us, as well as treating and pressure cleaning moss off our driveway. He is personable, efficient, and courteous. We highly recommend him.

    Client since 2013
    Found us on Angie’s List
    Milwaukee, WI

    5 out of 5


    It went great. First of all Garrett, was very easy to schedule with even when I had to reschedule. He called before he came twice to give me an update of his arrival. Garrett was very friendly and answered all of my questions. He even sent me information in an email about another job I am thinking of having done as far as staining our garage floor. He did a very thorough job cleaning and I have now put two coats of sealant on the patio and sidewalk. Garrett took his time after he was finished to clean up everything thoroughly and made sure I had all my questions and concerns addressed. He was very pleasant to work with.

    Client since 2014
    Found us on Angie’s List
    Franklin, WI

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