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pressure_washingIs the side of your house filthy? Do you own a deck that needs to be cleaned? Does your brick patio or cement driveway need a good cleaning because of oil stains and other spills? If so, the answer to your problem is to hire a pressure washer. We are a local company and have seen just about everything. Getting pressure washing done should usually be done by a professional. Here is some information about our pressure cleaning services that may help you.

While it is true that pressure washing can be done by homeowners, there is much danger that exists that may make it easier if you hire a professional. The force that comes from pressure washers may be so dangerous, that amateurs should not try to fool with it. Any such washer that is made to be used by the average consumer generally may not have enough power or water-flow to be resourceful. On the average, you can get a pressure washer contractor at pretty reasonable rates.

When you decide to hire us there are some questions you may want to ask. How much is the service going to be or how they will be doing the cleaning; can they reach high spots? You want to know if the solution they are using is environmentally-friendly. You will want to know if the water used is going to be cold or hot. Hot water tends to clean better, especially for greasy surfaces. It also depends on whether the service is going to be for the patio, a wood deck, or some other part of your structure.

ViewRenew Professional Pressure Washer & Window Cleaning has been offering power washing solutions to residents and commercial customers in the Milwaukee, WI area since 2010. They also offer house washing at rates that are comparable to anyone else in the business. Getting your home or business professionally washed is as simple as dialing the number or check out our pressure washing services page.

3 Services to Use Professional Power Washing in Milwaukee, WI?

Sometimes, professional cleaning services can seem too expensive or even too difficult to even bother with. However, things such as professional pressure washing company is great things to invest in. We offer a variety of services that range from the ground to the roof of your home and everything in between. Here are a few top quality services that we offer.

Your Parking Lot or Driveway Cleaning

Our services are optimal for residential or driveways or business parking lots, especially things such as brick sidewalks and pavement. Brick pavements, as well as other types of lots and driveways, are notorious for getting dirt and grime stuck in all the cracks and crevices, making the surface look dirty and unprofessional. For restaurants, it is not uncommon to have food spilled onto the parking lot as well. A pressure washer can get them clean simply and quickly.

The Outside of Your Home

vinyl_house_washing vinyl_house_washing

First, one way to utilize our pressure washer service is for house siding washing. During dry, windy summer months, the outside of your home can get messy very easily. Dirt, pollen, grass shavings, bugs and various other things stick to the house like glue no matter what material it is made of. Our low-pressure cleaning is an excellent way to ensure that every nook and cranny gets cleaned the way it needs to be and bring the beautiful appeal back into your home.

With spring right around the corner, make plans to get your house siding power washing in Milwaukee, WI performed by our professional company. Before you stain your deck, you need to have it pressure washed before you apply stain or paint. Purchasing a power washer can be expensive and it may not do a very good job if used ineffectively.

During the fall the cooler moist nights can leave green mold on the shady side of your home. If you live close to a road, the road dirt will also stick to the side of your home and give it the appearance as old and worn out. You can have a housewash performed by us and we can clean almost any type of siding surfaces. These can include vinyl, aluminum, Hardy Plank, brick and many others. Your gutter fascia will also be cleaned to eliminate the stains that you receive from water rollover.

If you don’t clean the siding on your home, the contaminants begin to break down the finish on your siding and can permanently damage it. This could lead to repairing or replacing your siding.

Deck and concrete cleaning

wood_deck_pressure_washingDecking and concrete need pressure cleaning. Concrete that has been stained by a variety of items will need spot treated before the cleaning. Power washing can leave your concrete or decking looking like new without the expense of new material. We use biodegradable cleaning solution which leaves everything sparkling clean without damaging the surrounding area like harsh chemicals can.

If you own a business that has been vandalized by graffiti or sidewalks that are littered with chewing gum spots, our professional pressure or steam cleaner can remove these. There’s no reason to call a painter to paint over the graffiti when cleaning is much cheaper with the same results. Chewing gum spots on sidewalks become dark and unsightly in addition to sticking to your shoe. Let us handle all of your heavy duty cleaning needs in your home or business with professional results.

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Mary W.
5 of 5 Stars on 09/17/17 Garrett did a super job for us. Not only did he do the outside and inside of the glass, he did a thorough job on the whole window track where a lot of dust and dirt accumulates.

Plus a spectacular job helping me solve a bird problem in my soffit vents. At 30+ feet he installed a fine mesh screen on all the vents and twice used a borax wash solution to prevent any bird mites from establishing a foothold on our home. He is tech savvy and had the apps to look at what mites I might have and just a really great all around person to have around.

He has the skills and the right equipment to do the job. I look forward to seeing him in the future when once again my windows get to where I can’t or don’t want to ignore them. a good estimate in return with three levels of cleaning to choose from. Great Job Garrett!

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